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Unbelievable Deal on Brasilia Automatic Espresso Machines

Are you looking for a fantastic commercial espresso machine for your coffee shop or office?  This 2-Group automatic Brasilia espresso machine is the one you are searching for! We sold two of these machines, check out  the demo video below on ‘how to use’ the Brasilia, automatic 2-group.  This value can’t be beat.

This two-group espresso machine has a built in rotary system which provides non-stop, automatic brewing!

Please call us at (817) 640 – 3131 if you have any questions!

Features of the machine:
Two-group brewing device for 1 to 4 cups simultaneous delivery
Volumetric shot dosing
Built in rotary pump
Die cast aluminum body with high gloss black enamel exterior finish
Push-button control pad with on/off override button
Automatic water refill
Dual pressure gauge indicator for pump and boiler pressure
6 liter nickel-plated copper boiler
Thermal heat exchanger to monitor coffee temperature
Four portion selectors per group with continuous delivery and a stop button
One movable steam jet
One movable hot water spout
Emergency manual tank refill
Water level indicator
Automatic pump shut off preventing breakdown
Four adjustable anti-static legs
Programmable automatic back washing per group
ETL & ETL sanitation listed
Conforms to UL std 197 & NSF std 4

The SRE Museum

When was the last time you have visited SRE? Have you visited our museum? Our museum feature many of these beautiful, old italian espresso machines. If you have not, please stop by and explore this timeless collection!

Allow these beautiful machines orchestrate your mornings to the tune of coffee.
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Christmas is just around the corner…

For Christians and Catholics, Christmas is spending time with friends and family to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. For many, Christmas is about exchanging gifts, exchanging hugs, and exchanging greetings with people around you. Christmas is a holiday of joy and cheers!

In our opinion, what differentiates Christmas from other holidays is that we give and receive gifts. From our childhood, there’s a man called Santa who brings us presents on Christmas Day and as we get older, we take on that role of Santa Clause. Gift giving is one of the hardest thing to do…there are so many gift possibilities, but only a few meet the “Oh! That’s a great gift!” category. Are you looking for that “great gift”?


Most of the time, this warm-loving holiday is celebrated on a cold day in December (Well, here in America, anyways). What better way to add warmth to your day than a cup of hot chocolate or hot latte?

Here are some great gift ideas just for you and your friends.


Christmas Syrup               |     Tutti Espresso Machine     |          Lola Pasta Machine    |   Caress Margarita Machine


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Another fun thing about Christmas is the family get-together and the annual Christmas party at “The office.” You know what that means! (Party!)
Here at SRE, we offer equipment rentals for a fraction of the cost (Yes! You can have that Espresso or Granita (Margarita) machine to spice up your party!)

Please contact Stefanie @ (817) 676 – 9001 or

For more information about renting a machine, please go to the ‘Service‘ tab.

Happy Holidays!

New Machine Manuals Page!


We have a new webpage for finding manuals for your machines! The site is easy to use, it takes just 3 easy steps to find the manual you need. To begin, head here and select the type of product you own. After that, select the manufacturer of the product, then the model of the product. Once all three are selected, a download button should appear at the bottom right of the page, click that and it will bring you to your machine manual. Enjoy your manual!

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Pod Conversion

Watch Dan show you how easy it is to convert your espresso machine to be able to use espresso pods!

What to do about your espresso machine boiler problem

Why is the boiler of your espresso machine in such a terrible shape? By that I mean that the water is so contaminated inside, and so smelly, that even the steam is affected. Espresso machines hold water and build steam in the empty part of the boiler, in the morning when you turn the machine on, the air that was trapped in the boiler the day before when you turned the machine off, heats faster than the water and creates a false pressure. It is imperative that you teach your servers to “religiously” before and after using the steamer to bleed some air out. You will note quite often in the morning that if you do that, the machine loses pressure and will not show any steam after you do this. The espresso machine then will build pressure again, this time true pressure because you have purged the air in the boiler. Suppose that your servers, the first thing they do, they bring to the steam nozzle a milk frother and dip the nozzle in, in order to froth the milk, the chance that the machine (being under false pressure) will siphon this milk into the boiler is great. What happens at that point, when the boiler receives this milk inside, it will cook and cook this milk until it curdles and becomes like black specs in the water. You can note that by getting hot water from the machine. Imagine this faulty process being repeated a few times during a year of operation, the boiler becomes coated with slime, the water stinks, and the particles float in the boiler. The only way to get rid of this is by flashing the boiler many times and since it is impossible to do this on location, the machine needed to be brought in and really cleaned of any trace of this water that has been cooking and cooking everyday for sometimes for years. This in my guesstimation is the worst problem that a cappuccino machine can run into and even though over the years attempts have been made to prevent this from happening with bleed valves etc. etc. the only way to really be sure is to make sure that the servers will bleed some air out of the steam wand before and after use every single time.

Important Tips to Obtain the Best Performance out of a Granita Slush Machine Regardless of make, size, shape, form, etc etc.

A) All slush machines allow you to adjust the consistency of the product (i.e. more liquid or more frozen). I think that Granita, margarita, belini, slush, etc. should be drunk with a straw and not eaten with a spoon.

B) Remember that these machines perform a very basic function. They freeze the product at 32 degrees, so therefore, if you put product in the machine that is 100 degrees, it will be a long time before it gets down to 32 degrees. If instead you mix the product, place it in a refrigerator, and then put it in the machine when it gets to around 40 degrees, it will be a very fast turn around for the granita machine to turn liquid into a slush.

C) Granita Slush Machines are not mixers, therefore, do not place the syrup and then the water in the bowl, most of the time trying to guess the ratio. Instead, mix the product in a five gallon mixing jug and then (possibly after chilling it) put it in the machine.

D) I have been asked for a million times, what is the capacity of the machine? That question is insignificant if you are serious in the way you use the machine. Wanting to have the bowls always full and frozen and ready to serve, it would be advisable for you to replace the frozen quantity with an equal amount of liquid every time you get a chance, so the machine will be able to recover faster than it will when the bowl is empty and filled back again.

E) It is a myth how many companies represent their machine when they claim that that machine has the night-cycle. That is a misrepresentation since the night-cycle does not exist. What does exist is the other half of the dual function of a granita machine. As you know, the machine can be used to freeze a product, therefore making a slush, or in the event you want to use it for a breakfast function and you want to place juice in the containers, to chill the juice, but not freeze it, so that is why this night-switch makes no sense as such.

F) The smartest way to treat a machine at night is to get into the habit and spend five minutes in the evening to empty whatever is left in the bowls into jugs to be placed in a refrigerator for the night. The bowls then will be filled with water and a little bleach as sanitizer and left off at night. In the morning you empty the water and put back the liquid granita and the machine will be in full swing in less than an hour.

G) Remember the machine is a mechanical device and has X number of hours of life. If you use the motors on all night and all day-24 hours- the life expectancy is X. By using the machine during the hours when you sell and turning it off at night, you will get the machine to extend it’s life by twice as much. Isn’t that a revelation?

H) It is important to understand that the ratio of water vs. syrup that is recommended for the machine is respected because if it is not, the motors will fall apart and the cost of maintenance of the machine goes up.

I) It is also important to keep the airflow into and out of the machine free and clear and regularly use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the build up of dust that occurs.

J) Last, but not least, do not use an extension cord on the machine, because by doing so you decrease the voltage that is transmitted to the machine and therefore you get no freezing and furthermore, you damage the compressor.

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Your SRE Team

To all of our Friends: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from SRE

It is with pride that we wish you, your family, and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!