Hazelnut coffee

Daily shot of coffee

Daily shot of coffee


With the winter chills coming our way, what is better than enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee?

Hovering at around 43 degrees outside, the warm taste and smell of hazelnut is alluring. Although Texas’s weather is unpredictable, it is certain that this is the most divine cup of coffee I’ve ever tasted.

Thank you SRE.



New Torani Signature



Torani Signature Syrup

All the favorites now a signature!

Torani has came out with a new line that offers the same great flavors, now in a fancy bottle! These flavors are all natural and pure! There are no preservatives and have the alluring aroma.

These Signature bottles are perfect gifts for any occasions! Here at SRE, we offer all of the flavors. Head to our Amazon Store for more great products.

Flavor options:



Blood Orange



Irish Cream



Doomsday – It’s to DIE for!


What is DOOMSDAY ? The end of the world? This flavor is to DIE for, almost literally!

This amazing  Torani Red Velvet Syrup adds wonders to that latte. Warm your Holiday season up and add a flavor that everyone loves!

Also it’s post-final! Reward yourself by adding this amazing syrup to your latte! I fell in love with this flavor from the very first sip of my coffee.

New Look to Pumpkin Sauce

Just last Holiday,

Torani’s sauce captures everyone’s hearts with their 64 oz. sauce. This holiday, take one home with you to top off your favorite dessert and coffee! You can order all four (Torani Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel, and the favorite Pumpkin) from our Amazon eStore! Same great taste, amazing new look!

Nutella Panini!

Nutella Panini !!

Why go original by spreading Nutella on a bread? Grill the bread after! This is by far one of the best types of sandwiches I had. It’s very quick and easy to prepare. All you need is nutella, bread and (optional) a panini grill!

Steps to make your delish-sandwich:

1.) Spread Nutella to one side of the bread

2.) Put the other side of the bread over, leaving the Nutella spread on the center.

3.) Lightly press the sandwich on a Panini grill.

The hazelnut spread will be melted onto the bread, giving you that perfect and warm snack to eat! Enjoy.


Check out our Panini eBay section to view some grills! Take one home with you today!

Pasta Trend

Fresh pasta is becoming more and more the “thing” to eat. It seems that the demand for pasta machines have increased considerably the past year. The trend seems to be going even stronger lately. With so many flavors that can be added when you make fresh pasta, I think the popularity will skyrocket even more.


Follow the trend, check out our eBay Store for some pasta machine today!

Browse our Pasta Catalog for the one that suits you!

Torani’s Sugar Selection

At SRE, we offer a wide range of Torani syrups for our customers. From holiday flavors (Like peppermint, pumpkin spice and gingerbread) to a more familiar one (vanilla, chocolate and caramel), SRE offers both regular syrups as well as ‘sugar free’ ones.

Summer is coming to an end as children are off to school. College students will be buzzing around, finding a coffee house for them to relax and study at peace. Have your coffee house stocked up on Torani’s sugar free syrups ready to fight against those tired students!

Please visit our Amazon Store for more flavor selection!

Espresso Beans Taste the Future

Taste the refreshing taste of our Delicious coffee.

This product is only Available through SRE


Our coffee is smooth. No aftertaste of bitterness in our cup. Each drink provides and excellent source of caffeine for your day to begin. You will always appreciate the smooth taste that is SRE blended coffee.  Our coffee ranges in price from small personal to large commercial. We can fill any coffee order!   Contact us at 817-640-3333 and we can assist with your coffee needs.



Carina Pasta Sheeter

Carina Pasta Sheeter

You will have fun with this reliable model capable of producing quite a lot of sheets that you can use to cut into fettuccine, pappardelle, lasagna sheets, or ravioli in addition, you can also master the skill of making “tortellini by hand”.

Domenic will show you how – you are just a telephone call away!

Small Compact Size

Great for restaurants, hotels use.

Sheet your own fresh pasta!

Key Features

  • All stainless steel construction.
  • 250 ø 55mm Sheet Dimensions
  • 400-230/50 Volt/Amps
  • 0.20kW Power
  • Powerful motor.
  • Designed for counter-top operation.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Dimensions – 48x35x40cm


  • Automatic Cutter
  • Extruders
  • Call for more pasta related things

Carpigiani UC-1131G/P Double Flavor Twist

State-of-the-art design and technology makes this compact soft serve machine both simple and efficient to operate. Dispense two individual flavors or a combination twist of your favorite frozen dessert. Choose a simple gravity model to begin your profit opportunity, or select a pump model for greater performance and profits.

Features Include:
• Touchpad controls provide fingertip command of machine functions
• Low mix indicator light with audible signal
• Gravity and pump mix feed systems offer simple operation and smoother, creamier product
• Standby/energy conservation mode reduces cost of operation during idle periods
• Cylinder design optimizes refrigeration efficiency
• Self-monitoring system minimizes costly errors
• Built-in memory stores information to facilitate repairs

– Specifications -Width:17.75″ Height:27.5″ Depth: 36″ Voltage:220V