A New Era

A new era. After 15 years on the web and a website that yielded results that can only be termed “fantastic”, I have decided to build a new front to the labyrinth I had built over this time. This was also coincide with both my daughters, Daniella and Stefania, joining the company and sharing a the multitude of responsibility I have placed on my self since I started this company in 1982.

The motto of SRE is still going to be the same. We will focus on service and we will overwhelm you with kindness. Over the years I have kept my telephone habits the same (I will never screen the calls that come in as long as I live, but rather I will answer personally when I am in the office). I will not sacrifice peoples chance for success in order to increase my profit and by that I mean, if I know in my heart that a rebuilt machine will do the same job as a new one, I will not suggest the latter.

I will do my best to make sure that my daughters will spare no kindness towards the people that made us in the past who we are and ones that will shape our future.

Thank you and God bless,